Parkland County, Alberta, Canada

(780) 699-9203

Welcome to fly
lets go Parasailing



Parasailing at Wabamun Lake

We should be flying STARTING on June 4,2019

Look for us at Wabamun Lake at the Marina in the Village of Wabamun 

or call 780-699-9203 to book your ride 

We operate from June to September long weekend on weekends and holidays

 hours are 10 am to 6 pm weather  permitting


Have you ever been on holidays and noticed someone towed behind a boat way up in the sky with a parasail over their head. That is parasailing. A parasail is a specially designed parachute that has slits cut in it designed to create lift. Flyers travel slowly behind the boat up to 600 feet in the air..

Our specially designed boat allows the flyer to be launched off the deck without getting wet.. If possible the captain will bring you down to the water and lift you back up again. If you want to get wet it is up to you.  

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Our Prices are only $89.00 per person

(non flyers $30.00 per person)  

We will also fly on weekends and weekdays for special occasions , parties or events at your location or ours. Call for a free estimate or to bo

Frequently asked Facts

  • do you need to be in good shape to fly- no anyone can do it , we have had 4 year olds to 75 years old. 
  • will I get wet - no unless you want to 
  • do I need to know how to swim- no and you will also wear a life jacket in the event we need to land.
  • can more than one go at once - at this time we will only take one at a time but you can have up to 12 friends in the boat. 
  • How long will my flight last -approximately 15 minutes in the air but a lot longer in the boat 
  • Will I fly away - only if you are under 60 pounds.